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We offer the following software package under the GNU General Public License:

frontdown-0.1.tar.gz--Automatically backs up files. frontdown will back up specified directory trees to another directory (presumably on a different computer or removable media). The backups will be done only if the remote computer is up.

This software is of interest to anyone who works with computer files and who wishes to be able to recover them in case of a disk or computer failure. Because the software checks that the system which will hold the backup files is up, it can be used in networks where the computers are turned off periodically. It can also be used to back files up to local (removable) disks.

Download the talk about frontdown given at NOVALUG, December 2, 2000: Postscript format (106 kB), or PDF format (301 kB).
qualres-0.0.3.tar.gz--The qualres application is a tool to perform categorical analysis of textual data.

You can use qualres to create and import text into documents, create categories, and code text. You can group documents and categories into sets. Sets can also contain other sets. You can search the documents, categories, and sets for text, and put the results in a category.

This software is of interest to anyone who performs categorical research (education, psychology, etc). Back to Baker Research, Ltd. home page